Who’s Got The Best Pizza Slice In Astoria?

Well we all know New York is known for its Pizza. Round the world people hear about the New York slice, and often flock to get a sample of New York’s finest, and Astoria is no exception. We have our fair share of Pizza places. Recently there may have been a few more opening up here and there, but that’s just all the more to choose from.

So we put together a little list. We strenuously sampled slices from all over (poor us) and came up with the Top Ten.

And so without further adieu, let’s take a little trip at the Ten Best Slices in Astoria:


Sac’s Place

You don’t have to go far before someone mentions Sac’s. Simply put it’s one of the best. Fresh ingredients, and pizza’s made every 15 – 20 minutes. When you see how many are to go you soon realize that you’re not the only one after a slice. It’s gourmet pizza and done right. There’s a reason every Astorian knows the name Sac’s. The place is cozy and everyone’s smiling. Truly an Astorian staple.

Where: 2541 Broadway

Phone: (718) 204-5002



Rizzo’s Fine Pizza

Some would argue the best in Queens? We just enjoy the fact that it’s close enough for us to wonder over and grab a slice. Rizzo’s certainly makes any list of pizzas bests. Even been featured on a few things here and there. Try the Sicilian and you’ll see (or taste) why. Delicious to a bite. Crispy when needed to be, and full of flavor.

Where: 3013 Steinway St

Phone: (929) 242-9775




Basil Brick Oven Pizza

First off, this place is quite warm and inviting, especially for winter. Second, it’s pretty darn tasty. Consistently awesome and with a friendly staff to match, Basil Brick is the go to for great pizza every time. Often quoted as ‘Grandma’s cooking’ they certainly have a way with ingredients. Worth every penny.

Where: 28-17 Astoria Blvd

Phone: (646) 854-9750





This place is fantastic for a casual meet, or even a date. Sit back and relax as you sample some really good food. The pizzas here are quite inventive, with the chef playing around with some pretty cool ideas such as the Van Dammer (Brussels sprouts, mozzarella, egg, black pepper, truffle oil) or the S.T The Ghost (Grafton chedder, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, burnt honey).

Where: 3412 31st Ave

Phone: (718) 204-1300




Antika Pizzeria

For all your full pie needs, Antika is a wonderful choice. Great sauces, and even better pies. The place is really sweet, and the staff always cheery. And again, the tomato sauce is ridiculously delicious. It’s becoming quite the favorite place for locals, and it’s easy to see why.

Where: 36-08 30th Ave

Phone: (718) 545-0555




Vite Vinosteria

So much more than just a pizza place. This newish restaurant has it all, and does it all really well. Their menu is full of some great options, but the pizza’s are one hell of a treat. Perfect for a date or a gathering, try the Speck e Funghi (Light Tomato Sauce,Mozzarella,Fontina Cheese, Mushrooms,Smoked Ham and Truffle Olive Oil) or the Ortolana (Mixed Grilled Vegetables, Light Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Oregano).

Where: 31-05 34th St

When: (718) 278-8483



Pronto Pizzeria

Buffalo Chicken pizza! Order it and devour it! Well, they have others too, but that’s our pick. Pronto Pizzeria is a nice spot, and quite popular. Easy to find a seat and they have a great variety of food, along with always a slice or pie waiting.

Where: 45-19 28th Ave

Phone: (718) 274-4416


Tufino Pizzeria Napoletana

Not too fancy, not too chill, just right. Sometimes with music, sometimes without. The owners always busy making some pies, and the patrons are smiling. This is a sweet spot and makes our list easily. But please, whatever you do, do NOT leave without trying their Nutella banana pizza.

Where: 36-08 Ditmars Blvd

Phone: (929) 376-5218




Via Vai

This fairly new restaurant is making a lot of people say WOW! And we’re one of them. The ingredients are some of the freshest that we’ve had. And by fresh, we mean fresh! Each bite fills you with images of vegetable gardens and picnics. A little nostalgic I know, but one can’t argue with quality, and Via Vai is certainly turning heads. Great things are coming out of this kitchen.

Where: 31-09 23 Ave

Phone: (347) 612-4334




*Featured Image Credit: Bradley H/Yelp