Don’t Feed the Musicians

7pm doors / 7:30 show.

Exploring the comedic underbelly of music, host Rob Paravonian and friends play funny songs, crack wise about music, and pick apart the best and worst music out there.

This month's special guests: Tim Ellis: Comedian/songwriter who just released his album Twelve Tight Tunes!

2 Violins 1 Cello: classical trio featuring violinists Elana Estrin, and Adam Grannick and cellist Cassey Stypowany

More guests to be announced.

With your host Rob Paravonian, comedian/musician who's been on everything from Dr. Demento to Comedy Central to Dutch Public Television!

*Lineups subject to change.

Rob Paravonian is an internationally-known musician and comedian with over 18 million total views on YouTube, including the 12 million-view hit Pachelbel Rant. He was the opening act for a dozen shows on George Carlin's final tour, he's been on Comedy Central, satellite radio, and the Dr. Demento Radio Show.

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