Three Story Tuts Hub To Open On Steinway


Three stories of Egyptian decor, cuisine, and fun. Move over Greeks, the Egytian Pharoah has come to town and his name is Tut. 

This new addition to Steinway and 31st, opening soon, is set to get people walking like an Egyptian as soon as the doors open (get it?). 

The three level Egyptian restaurant is jam packed full of options, and could trick even the smartest of Egyptologists. 


The first level is dining, where people will get a choice between four traditional Egyptian plates, a buffet and a juice bar. 

The second level is all about the function. Whether it's a reception, a birthday or buisness, they've got more than enough space for any private event. 


The third level is where the kids get to play. Sit back and relax, as your kids are having a ball, and keep an eye on them with TVs and a live feed, so that you can enjoy some parents time downstairs, while the kiddies play in a party room upstairs.  


But the main attraction of this place has to be the decor. Egyptian to the core. Pharaohs strewn on every wall. Egyptian columns, hieroglyphs, decorations and artifacts. Stepping inside you feel like you just got off the Nile and stepped into Cairo. 

Just grab a hand pick and a brush and start digging for lost tombs, just be wary of the curse of Tutankhamun!