The Dog Park is Coming

park dog.jpg

Astorians are just that much closer to finally getting a dog park. With $1 million dollars put toward the construction, Astoria dog owners will get a space where dogs will be able to roam freely. 

The location (Triborough Lot C) will replace one of the already existing Basketball courts underneath the RFK Triborough Bridge. 

The project, which was one of the winners of the  Participatory Budgeting ballot had already picked up traction beforehand, with a lot of Astorian residence complaining that there wasn't a decent place where dogs can be leash free. 

Astoria Park has a period of time from 9 p.m to 9 a.m in some areas where a dog can be off the leash, however the time isn't suitable to everyone, and the fact that the park is open spaces makes it difficult to control the dog. 

The dog park will not only provide dogs with a place to run around, but also provide their own with a place to exercise and socialize. 

However, Astoria will still have to wait, with construction set to start in over a year, after designs are completed. 


*Featured Image Credit: Hannah Douglas Via Queens Chronicle