Chateau Le Woof Opens its doors

chateau le woof2.jpg


Where else can you find a cafe where you can sit and drink a nice coffee in, all the while shopping for your beloved pet?Chateau Le Woof ofcourse.

A culmination of love for caffeine and animals which Astoria resident Natassa Contini has had for years, eventually putting them together into this quaint and quirky little place. 

Situated on 14th Street and 30th Avenue, the store is split in half, with one half serving espresso for the human customer, while the other half is stocked full of food, goodies, treats and toys for the four legged customer. 

The cafe specializes in all natural and independent food brands, and is highly considerate of feeding your pet the best possible product. 

Another great reason to check it out if you have a dog is the raw dog food they sell by the plate. Treat your poodle to some lamb or venison. 


But it's not all dog dog dog, humans get their share too, with more coming soon. Starting next week, coffee and espresso isn't the only thing you can order. Organic salads, sandwiches and smoothies will all be made available, along with the comfortable seating and free Wifi, Chateau Le Woof looks like it's set to be a go to for Astorian pet owners. 

Due to regulations however, dogs for will be able to be tied up to doggie door knockers outside, however Contini does plan to seriously explore avenues where dogs will be allowed inside at some point in the future. 


Until then, grab your dog, come for a stroll to Chateau Le Woof and have a coffee. 


Bon Appetite Astoria!


Where: 30-2 14th Street

Phone: (718) 626-9663