New Playwrights Festival


Ophelia’s New Playwright’s Festival

Ophelia Theatre Group is excited to present our very first original play festival here in Astoria!

Performance Dates:
Five total plays will be performed two times over two weekends. Shows are on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: September 25, 26, 27, October 2, 3, 4, at 8pm.

Sept 25 @8PM: The Milk Meeting by Blaire Baron Larsen
Sept 26 @8PM: David & Wendy by Michael Perrie Jr./Love In All the Right Places by Juan Manuel Ramirez
Sept 27 @8PM: Heretics by Richard Zinober/Advantages, Challenges, And Baggage by William Youmans

Oct 2 @8PM: David & Wendy by Michael Perrie Jr./Love In All the Right Places by Juan Manuel Ramirez
Oct 3 @8PM: Heretics by Richard Zinober/Advantages, Challenges, And by Baggage William Youmans
Oct 4 @8PM: The Milk Meeting by Blaire Baron Larsen

Ophelia Theater
21-12 30th Road
Astoria, NY 11102
Train: (N or Q, 30 Ave. Stop)

General Admission: $10

The Plays

Advantages, Challenges, and Baggage

Written by William Youmans

Directed by Hunter Foster

A young person is forced into what appears to be a personnel agency, and sent on a life’s journey in which good is bad and bad is good, and human wishes, hopes and dreams are thrown topsy-turvy.


David & Wendy

Written and Directed by Michael Perrie Jr.

David and Wendy are having some marital problems. David and Wendy don’t communicate very well and their ­sex life is off. David has a fear of commitment. Wendy has a fear of most things. Wendy decides to hire a woman off craigslist to have a threesome with them – you know, to help with the problems. David is worried it won’t work out. David and Wendy are in for quite an afternoon.



Written by Richard Zinober

Lisa, a member of a new religious group, is being held by two deprogrammers hired by her family.  As they try to get her to reveal the secrets of the group and to persuade her to leave it, the session becomes a psychological battle between Lisa and Mel, the head deprogrammer, who has a few disturbing secrets of his own.


Love in All the Right Places

Written and Directed by Juan Manuel Ramirez

Love In All The Right Places is set on at least one location in every borough of New York City. After Xavier meets Yvette through a misunderstanding, it becomes destined that the gods want them to continue to run into each other. How much of their pride will get in the way before they notice that they’ve found love? 


The Milk Meeting

Written by Blaire Larsen

Directed by Taryne Kellog

The Milk Meetings becomes a hormonal “Stroller Coaster” ride of emotions, when a post partum mother, who experienced personal trauma the morning of 9/11/2001 – starts to throw disturbing theories and suspicions out to a politically correct Breastfeeding Support Group. Marissa Delaney’s obsession with 9/11 conspiracies, her rage at the present world system, and her fear for her baby’s future have catapulted her into a paralysis of terror – 10 years after the fact.


Media Contact: John Hoffman, [email protected], (951) 285-6467