Astoria Nail Salons Investigated!

Investigators from a Department of State task force flew through Astoria this week, with surprise inspections on nail salons in regards to health and safety violations, reports The New York Times.


One of the task forces targets was Lyn’s Nail Salon I on Steinway.

The four investigators took to the Astoria nail salon, as owner Andy No Tran shuffled to find the correct paper work and answer the questions being asked.

The New York Times stated that among the health and safety violations found, there was also no proof of any workers’ compensation insurance that Tran could come up with.


The task force was established in May by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. It was put together after The New York Times investigated the issue of worker abuse in nail salons.

The task force is set to sweep through nail salons all over the city, enforcing State Legislature which was put in play in July.


The task force members, according to The New York Times, represented the Department of Labor and State, and the Workers Compensation Board.


Investigators were tipped off to these salons by anonymous tips to the Hotline regarding nail services that were too cheap to be legit.

Among other salons investigated that day was Sparkling Snail. However the salon was well operated and was not issued any tickets.


The task force, The New York Times reported, is making its way through NYC, with over 1,124 salons inspected, and a further 2,400 violations issued.




*Feature Image Credit: Nicole Bengiveno. Image Via The New York Times