More Mojave Please!

If you find yourself looking for a place to eat, and wanting to sit down and not worry about the plate you’re gonna get, or if it’s good or bad, then Mojave Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar is the place for you.

Located on 22-36 31st St Astoria, you’ll love the warm and inviting decor. In winters, the fireplace really does add that glow of welcoming you get with the crackling of the fire.

But in summer, take to the garden, surrounded by greenery with a quaint little bar that will serve up some really great quality beverages for all your drinking needs.

When it comes to the food, this restaurant has never disappointed. Coming here, you can always count on fantastic service by a wonderful staff, serving up some fillingly delicious cuisine.

Chicken wings with their special sauce are to borrow a quote ‘finger licking good’. Shrimp with spinach mushroom risotto that is an infusion of flavors really does freshen your palate.

Keen for bottomless brunch? The weekends, from 11am – 4pm are the go to.

$29.95, 1 1/2 hours, bottomless Mimosa, Margarita, Sangrita or Bloody Mary, an entree, and coffee or tea!

With over 10 new deliciously delectable choices, brunch has never been brunchier.

From Quesadillas to Enchiladas, and Tacos, Mojave takes the Mexican cuisine and delivers it with their own incredibly unique touch.

Empanadas Rock, butternut soup with goat cheese and the Mojave burgers are my pick for those who want to walk out with a giddy smile on their face.

So whether you’re looking for casual drinks, a meal you’ll walk away happy from or just wanting to pick at a couple things in a relaxed atmosphere, Mojave Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar is the place I would definitely recommend.

Bon Appetite Astoria!

Where: 22-36 31st St Astoria

Phone: 718.545.4100