Adult Swim Nights at Astoria Park Pool!


It’s your last chance to enjoy a night swim before the summer comes to an unfortunate end!

So why not take as much advantage of the heat as possible with Night Owl swimming at Astoria Park Pool?


The pool is open every night from 7pm to 8:15pm in August for those who wish to escape the busying day visitors and crazy kids. Swimmers can concentrate on time and fitness.

Fitness minded adults have a choice of fast, intermediate or slow lanes, with the option to time their laps.


People who have registered for the lap swim program in June will later this month be awarded with: First, second, and third place awards to men and women who completed the most lengths starting Monday, July 6 through Friday, August 7.

Also, t-shirts will be awarded to those who accumulate 25 miles or more by Friday, August 28 which is the end date of the Night Owl Program.


So if you’re looking to cool down on those summer nights and not worry about too much congestion, then head down for an uninterrupted swim. Winter is coming!