“Going in Style” Remake to Film in Astoria!


You might have seen the yellow signs posted along Shore Boulevard next to Astoria Park.

“Going in Style” is set to start shooting in August, with Astoria on the list of locations in New York, shooting on the 7th of August.


The film is a New Line reinvention of the Goerge BurnsLee Strasberg and Art Carney classic, as senior citizens who decide to rob a bank out of frustration for the system.


The new adaptation will feature Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin.

The story will be very much similar, although this time around, the trio’s pensions have been stopped due to an international company buying out their former workplace, Variety reports.


No doubt the acting chops of the three Oscar winning actors (two for Caine and one for Freeman and Arkin respectively), along with Direction by Zach Braff will be something to look forward to.



Image Via Google Images.

Image Via Google Images.