Movies On The Waterfront Starts Off With A Classic!

This Monday at 8:30pm, 27th of July, Central Astoria Local Development Coalition Inc is bringing movie night to Astoria Parks Great Lawn, on Shore Boulevard, between the Hell Gate Bridge and the Astoria Pool.

Get the family and friends together and come watch the first movie on the list, ‘The Princess Bride’. An adventure to lighten the heart and put a nostalgic smile on your face.

Movies in the Park will be coming to the Great Lawns each Monday, ending August 24th.

Sing along to ‘Frozen’, whiz around to ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, give the ‘Ghostbusters’ a call and put those costumes on for ‘The Incredibles’.

So grab the kids and the picnic blanket, and enjoy the silver screen, lighting up Astoria Park.

Movies on the Waterfront 2015