Coffee Please!

The Queens Kickshaw, spirited coffee and sophisticated atmosphere with a neoAstorian identity.

Introduction surely isn’t needed when it comes to this locally quaint godsend.

As a person that believes the universe began with a coffee bean, I’m constantly on the look out for coffee expertise.  And this gem is a double shot of whatever you’re having, no sugar.

Couple Ben Sandler and Jennifer Lim put their love for Astoria, along with a sense of community and fiery passion for good food and drink together, and wrapped it up in this brick and woody interior that fits just like that old pair of jeans.


Coffee on the side for the moment, Chef Kenji Hurlburt has a talent for taking the essential ingredients to great food, the simplicity of cuisine, and the need for filling meals and shoving them into the Kickshaw menu.
mod-IMG_6844Grilled cheese sandwich (with hefty doses of cheese that’ll make any cheese lover drool), Kitchen Sink Salad (Mesclun greens, roasted red and golden beets, sunchokes, blue cheese dressing, lip biting freshness masked with a scented dressing that hits the senses just right).

Little advice, get the side of Patty Pan Squash (smoked paprika aioli, garlic chips) surprisingly addictive.

But I digress, back to the coffee.mod-ld20121130_016

It’s always a treat when you see a barista take a little pride in a cup. When I order coffee, the last thing I wanna see, is some kid that looks as though I’ve just stopped him from becoming the president of the galaxy because of my order. If you’re gonna start pouring things and mixing things with the nonchalance of a slug, then please step away from the machine.

Kickshaw kicks it into gear on this level. The beans can be smelled from across the street as they roast to perfection. Give me a pour over and all of a sudden I’m running marathons and philosophizing Socraticaly along Broadway.

Love the blends? Then buy a bag!

Otherwise, sit back and relax as you watch Astorians in their natural habitat.

Bon Appetite Astoria! 

40-17 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103




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