New York Dog House: Astoria’s Only Hot Dog Restaurant



It’s summer time and you and the gang want to do something fun, different but classic. Nothing’s more nostalgic than having a hot dog in the summer, but, you’re adults and a street-cart hot dog won’t cut it anymore.

Say “Hello” to New York Dog House! We did. We had a chance to talk to owner Vlad (pictured on the right), and Chef Yaraslav Klimkouski – who moonlights as an artist! (You can check him out on


What you need to know about the space:

NYDH is located at 37-06 30th Ave. Upon arrival you could sense the gentrification in the air, then again, this is Astoria! Stepping in to the casual, laid-back space we noticed the wall decor which is comprised of trial-and-error logo design concepts that were once a thought but didn’t see the light of day (until now). There’s also paintings hung with care on the wall, that are for sale.There’s indoor and outdoor seating, we sat inside due to the flash storm that night.


First up – let’s imbibe, because why not?


Cocktail #1 The Sweet Baby Izabel (vodka or gin, pomegranate liqeuer, pink grapefruit juice, lemon, brown sugar rim), which was masterly crafted by Izzy, the bartender and my new BFF for the night, Ms. Izabel was sweet and natural – just like a baby should be.


Cocktail # 2 was Summer Fling (vodka, gin, or tequila, guava juice, lemon, lime & mint), just like summer this was light, airy and refreshing. Who wouldn’t love a good ole summer fling? Adult beverage or otherwise…

Our awesome bartender Izzy

Our awesome bartender Izzy

Now that the juices were flowing, it was time to eat.

All ingredients are from snazzy Coney Island with traditional Ukrainian influences. Every item on the menu is tested and critiqued by the friendly staff before it becomes a menu item. Seriously – the number one rule at New York Dog House is that the staff has to try out every new item.

We drooled over the Psycho Balls (that’s right, we said it)- Pat la Frieda lamb in-house blend meatballs, savory tequila infused BBQ sauce. First debuted for Halloween but stuck around because of the fanfare.


Next was the Classic Mac & Cheese with bacon. BACON. That’s all…


Crispy Rolls (buttered potato mash, melted cheddar, dill, scallions, rolled in crisp pastry), soft yet flaky and complimented with house-made South African Spices.


Now the reason why we came: HOT DOG!  We obviously had the most famous/signature dog- Far East Dog (house-made sesame chili paste, pickled daikon, scallion, roasted peanuts on a num pang), no wonder this is the crown jewel for NYDH, all ingredients cohesively play well off of each other to bring spicy happiness it to your mouth. Also pictured: Chef’s Gourmet Burger- We almost needed a knife and fork for this guy—he was HUGE! You have to take time to savor the fresh, high quality meat.


Dessert- Dog Bites (home-made cinnamon dusted donut bites with vanilla creme dipping sauce), perfectly sweet and light.


Fun things you should know:

  • There’s a yearly hot dog eating competition (entry start soon! Contact the Dog House for more information) 
  • Started as a thought when  the owner was at a hot dog stand at 4am in Delaware (because what else does one do at 4am in Delaware?), he noticed that everyone was bonding and having a genuinely great time and said – self, “Self, we need to do this!” 
  • There’s catering so you may impress your friends as the hot dogs are grilled on the spot. 
  • There’s a daily happy hour 
  • Brunch menu to come

There’s no wonder why NYDH’s motto is “You Have To Eat Here”, Vlad, the owner, stressed the fact the he’s doing to for hot dogs what people are doing for burgers- having fun with it. And we did have a lot of fun – this is a dog house you’d want to be in!


New York Dog House
37-06 30th Ave
(718) 274-3647