Five Favorite Gyros in Astoria: Do You Agree?

An Astoria local just put out a list of his five favorite gyros on  First We Feast, and we’re wondering if you think he’s got it right!

Now – if you’re going to have gyro anywhere in New York City, it needs to be Astoria. No where else has nearly enough Greek men who know the right pronunciation, and the right way to cook it up. That’s definitely a fact. So, we’re glad this list narrows down the gyro spots in our neighborhood.



So, here are his top picks:

BZ Grill, 27-02 Astoria Boulevard (718-932-7858)

Zorba’s Souvlaki Plus, 29-05 23rd Ave (718-956-7266)

Opa! Souvlaki, 28-44 31st Street (718) 728-3638

Gyro Uno,  28-01 Steinway Street (718) 274-4870

Zenon Taverna, 34-10 31st Avenue (718) 956-0133


Here’s our input: We love BZ Grill and Zenon Taverna the most out of this list. BZ Grill is our go-to for fast, tasty, fresh gyro – and Zenon never leaves us feeling hungry.




What do you think Astoria? Are all Gyro’s created equal? Is one more authentic than the others? How about tastier? Let’s hear it!