Trash in Astoria

A little while ago, Councilman Costa Constantinides launched his #KeepAstoriaClean initiative. It seems, though, that keeping Astoria clean is a hard job!


The campaign aims to raise awareness to the fact that household trash isn’t allowed in trash cans, and that businesses can not throw away their trash in street cans, either. He’s also implemented a program that is sending more blue-clothed workers to business districts in the area.


Recently, though, Senator Michael Gianaris tweeted these two pictures, showing that Astoria subway stations aren’t getting the love they deserve:




With the caption: “The trash situation at 30th Ave N,Q station in is out of control. Notifying immediately.”


The situation was almost immediately rectified, though, and the scene soon looked like this:




Another problem was the recent snowstorms – which left the sanitation department unable to pick up trash bags. Residents, though, kept putting them out to pile up, which created a not so great scene.





So, what do you think Astoria? Are you seeing an initiative to #KeepAstoriaClean, or is it the same as it’s been?