Changes Demanded for a Dangerous Intersection in Astoria

If you’ve driven into Astoria from the Grand Central, you know that the intersection where 32nd Street meets the Grand Central Parkway exit 45 ramp at Astoria Boulevard North, is one that isn’t exactly the safest.


It’s a scene where lots of car accidents occur – and there were previously plans to make it safer. The intersection is  large and dangerous, and often times cars will have to cross more than three lanes of traffic to make the turn onto 31st street. This can be dangerous, especially in weather like we’re currently having.


Photo via Times Ledger/Bill Parry

Photo via Times Ledger/Bill Parry


As reported by the Times Ledger, “in 2013 Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas met with Delila Hall, who was the Queens commissioner of the DOT before she was reassigned two weeks ago. They discussed possible solutions to the concerns of many in the community. In May, after months of study, DOT submitted its proposal to Community Board 1 and received approval to begin work on the intersection’s redesign.


The DOT proposed extending the median between Astoria Boulevard North and the Grand Central Parkway in order to separate local and express traffic. Vehicles traveling west will no longer be able to turn left on 31st Street, while motorists exiting the Grand Central will no longer be able to turn right on 31st Street.”


The changes, though, were never made – and Assemblywoman Simotas is not happy, along with many Astorians. The intersection is just as busy as it’s ever been, with the added problem of ice and snow.