It’s an Australian Party, Mate!

We love The Thirsty Koala. You know this already. So when we found out they were having an Australia Day party we jumped on board.


Thirsty Koala co-owner – and born and raised Australian – Christine told us all about the day. “In Australia, it’s a HUGE party. It’s not formal at all – there’s no sit down dinners or dressing up. It’s about having fun, partying, and having a good time with friends.”




It’s Summer in Australia right now – so there’s lots of outdoor parties. We can’t say the same for New York! “I wanted to have a big party,” Christine tells us, “Because it’s Winter, and we wanted to give people an excuse to come out and have fun.”


Australia Day is an annual celebration of the diversity in Australia – and we’re glad that The Thirsty Koala is bringing it to Astoria – one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Queens.


So, come on out! We’ll be sponsoring, along with Cooper’s Beer – an authentic Australian brewery. There’s going to be great live music, and Australian food all night, along with giveaways, prizes and more!