The Best Medicine? Preventative Medicine.

One of the best forms of medicine is preventative medicine – and the best preventative medicine is so easy you wouldn’t believe it: exercising. Sophocles Tsouros, owner of Life Health and Fitness gym, just told us an almost unknown fact that could make working out even easier: You can get your gym membership paid for.


“Most insurances,” he tells us, “will pay partial or full gym memberships. They’re rewarding people that are working out by reimbursing them for gym costs.” This isn’t well known, he tells us, and very few people take advantage of it.


“Costs shouldn’t hold people back from exercising – it’s one of the best things they can do for their body.” More and more people are working out as a source of preventative medicine.


Life Health and Fitness gym is a huge proponent of getting healthy – they’re not just about lifting huge weights. They offer nutrition services, along with classes that are geared towards different skills levels and different goals.


Members of Life Health and Fitness


One of their newest programs is the Mommy and Me program – aimed towards soon to be moms and new moms. Created by Brooke Taylor, who’s a mom, personal trainer, and is also expecting her second child, the Mommy and Me program focuses on creating a community of mothers who want to keep on socializing and exercising.


They’ve also got a program we really love, called Silver Sneakers. Silver Sneakers is geared towards seniors that still want to stay active – and it’s a great program for anyone elderly. The group creates a really great community, and they push each other on to reach new goals. One of the best things about the Silver Sneakers program is that it shows you it really is never too late to pick up working out – you just have to want to.


If, like the majority of Americans, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stay fit – Life Health and Fitness has a program called the January Series. It’s a four week course that kick starts your healthy year. It takes 27 days to create a habit, so if you’re working out for four weeks with the same trainer, it’s likely that you won’t fall off the path – and you’ll have a whole class that will hold you accountable!


The best thing to do, Soph tells us, is to just focus on getting healthy. That’s where it all begins. Take little steps, and don’t try to make huge changes overnight – the success will show. Soph shared one of his favorite quotes with us, and said he firmly believes in it:




So, get started. Get moving. Talk to your insurance – it’s more than likely they’ll pay for some or all of your gym membership. Start taking steps now that will change the rest of your life!


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