Out with Marketa, in With… Something New!

Something fishy seems to be going on! Marketa restaurant is supposedly closed for the holidays  – but word on the street is that they’re closing for good. Locals have spotted furniture moving out of the location.



Yesterday they posted on Facebook, “Dear Friends and Supporters. We will be closed for the Holiday Season! We are hosting Holiday Parties and would love to host yours as well! We will update you with more info regarding our return! Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes from everyone at Marketa!” But opening hours on their Facebook now read “Permanently closed.”



A reliable source has let us know that there’s talks of a local resident who’s looking to buy the space and turn it into a lounge – but no word yet on if plans are completed or in current process.


If it does turn into a lounge, we’re interested to see how it goes! 30th Avenue is mostly restaurants, so we’re excited to see what a new spot would do for the block.