Ready for a Don Conqui Showdown?

No, you’re not seeing double – there’s definitely a new Don Coqui in town – and apparently it’s the real Don Coqui.

The current Don Coqui most Astorians know is the large corner location on 28-18 31st street – a restaurant that tends to be on the loud side – especially on weekend nights.

The new Don Coqui is located at 22-55 31st street, right under the train. The location is much smaller than the current Astoria Don Coqui – it used to be occupied by Ditmars Station Pub.

So, here’s the deal. The new Don Coqui is owned by Jimmy Rodriguez – and it’s part of the Don Coqui chain. There’s lots others in New York – but the current location isn’t one of them. Apparently, the owners were only allowed to use the Don Coqui name for one year. Now, they’re in trademark violation. Sounds like there was a disagreement somewhere down the line.

While the current large location has a very club vibe to it (we’re used to seeing party flyers and DJ’s spinning into the late hours of the night), Don Coqui is apparently more food-centric – a sit down, classy restaurant.

Parties at Don Coqui are often packed to capacity


So, what do you think? Can we have two Don Coqui’s – which are drastically different? Should the larger, club-y Don Coqui change their name? Chime in!