A Thanksgiving Tradition in Astoria

For more than 20 years, Astoria’s Greek Homeowners Association has been serving up Thanksgiving dinners to those in need.




The organization has served up thousands of Thanksgiving meals, and each year between 500 and 600 people show up to chow down – with nearly 1,500 being delivered to residents and those in need.


It is a welcome tradition, with residents calling in each year for a meal to be delivered to their homes. For those who want to be surrounded by other, they can simply show up to the Greek Home Owners Association Headquarters at 23-49 31st Street. Each year, many notable dignitaries and politicians stop by to join in on the festivities – past years have seen Congressmembers, Assemblymembers, Councilmembers and more.


One of the reason we truly love Astoria is events like this. Anyone can walk in to volunteer – and we do every year. It’s a tradition that reminds us to be thankful for all that we have, and also that sometimes the most rewarding thing you do is give back to others. If you want to volunteer, simply stop by! The fun begins at noon.


Greek American Homeowners Association
Address: 2349 31st St, Astoria, NY 11105
Phone:(718) 545-4046