The Pajama Drive Was a Success!

The annual Pajama Drive at Cavo was a huge success. hosted by Maria L. Delgado, CAVO Restaurant & Assemblymember Aravella Simotas, was this past Tuesday.


This year, more than 165 guests, and over 460 pairs of pajamas and books were collected, as well as $900.00 in donations and raffles!


In attendance were lots of local Astoria businesses, as well as children who came out with their parents. Lots of local residents got involved, and made the night spectacular.


Last year, Lyla Tov Monsters participated and donated two of their monsters. This year the Cheeky Chipmunk, a local Mom, face painter/artist did an amazing job painting all the adorable faces – most of which were decked out in their favorite pajamas.





Each year, the goal is to collect as many pairs of new pajamas and books as possible, on behalf of the Pajama Program’s mission. In the five years that the PJ Drive has been held at CAVO, they’ve been able to deliver over 2,5000 pairs of pajamas and books, and more than $3,200 in donations as a results of the raffles, as well as personal donations by friends, family and Astoria businesses.


Maria L. Delgado, who works tirelessly each year to make the drive a success, said, “I was so grateful that the Founder and Director of the Pajama Program, Mrs. Genevieve Piturro attended the drive this year. This is her second time in attendance and both times she’s been so appreciative of the community’s support and donations and of course, she loves CAVO! The outcome of the Pajama Drive was great as in every year and it’s one of my most favorite events to organize”





The collection of PJ’s and/or Books doesn’t end with the drive. It’s ongoing throughout the year, and it is SO simple to donate via the PJ Program’s website


Maria already has lots in the work for next year – and she plans to raise even more in donations, and bring even more pajamas and books to those who really need them.


Maria went on the say, “I especially want to thank Tommy Demaras, Owner of CAVO for his continued support and his generosity in donating the venue, food and staff for the event. To visualize your idea, have someone believe in it and provide you the space to bring it to fruition is a blessing and an amazing feeling! Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas is another special person whom I’d like to thank as well. She’s been a huge supporter of the PJ Drive since its inception and an Advocate in the Pajama Program’s Mission.


This PJ Event is successful year after year due to those who truly believe in making a difference in a child’s life. Our community goes above and beyond with their donations of pajamas and books together with the local businesses that donate towards the Raffles. Thank you Astoria for your generosity and for giving a child in need the sweet dreams they so deserve! See you all next year in your PJ’s!”


pj flier


We’re thrilled with the success of the PJ Drive, and with Maria’s dedication to such a fantastic cause. Sometimes we take for granted something as simple as new pajamas to go to sleep in, and to be able to provide a child with something that is such a simple necessity is one of the best things in the world.