DeMarco Coffee: Bringing Fresh Roasted Coffee to Astoria

I discovered DeMarco Coffee on a whim – seemingly overnight a giant red, white and black sign popped up declaring a coffee roasting space – and naturally, I knew I had to stop by.


Inside, I found Anthony Magazzu – or Tony, as everyone calls him – and he told me all about DeMarco.


“It was started by Jimmy and I,” Jimmy being Dimitrios Sidiropoulous, his long-time friend and business partner, “We met years ago when we lived in the same building in LIC. Eventually, he moved away to Whitestone, but we kept our friendship alive by meeting for coffee throughout the years. It was something we really bonded over, and something we both loved.”


“Eventually,” Tony continues, “We decided the perfect thing for us to do was to roast coffee – and so DeMarco was born out of that love and passion for coffee, and for roasting it. We’ve been doing it for almost three years now!”


Now, you might be thinking, “What kind of passion is roasting coffee!?” but as Tony explained, there is so much more that goes into roasting coffee than simply…throwing it in a machine to roast.


Tony is a master roaster, which means that he creates the perfect blend of coffee to roast together. You might have heard the terms dark roast, or light roast, but roasting goes much deeper than that. The taste of coffee comes from multiple things: where it’s from, what other beans it’s combined with, and how long you roast the beans.


“For example,” Tony explains, “African beans are very earthy in flavor. Sumatra beans are earthy as well, but they have a more distinct flavor – they’re very bold. Brazilian beans are chocolatey. When you combine beans of different origins, they pair together to create a taste that’s unique and different – and amazing.”


DeMarco Coffee has 7 or 8 different blends, and they’ve all been hand-chosen and crafted by Tony. They only use single origin – meaning the beans are from one single country – and blend them all in-house. A blend can consist of anywhere from 2 to 5 different coffee beans.


The thing that is amazing about DeMarco is how insanely fresh their coffee is. There are HUGE bags throughout the warehouse filled to the absolute brim with coffee beans – and they’re all roasted, packaged, and sent out within a week or two. You can literally stop by, buy a bag a coffee, go home, brew it and drink it, and it could have been roasted two days ago. There’s an unparalleled taste that comes with drinking coffee that fresh – coffee that you can buy 10 minutes from your apartment!


DeMarco Coffee welcomes anyone in the neighborhood to stop in and buy a pound or two of coffee beans – or you can stop by one of the many neighborhood shops that stock their coffee – like Brooklyn Bagel, or Grand Café. Awesome fact: DeMarco Coffee is the sole supplier of coffee to all Bloomingdale’s nationwide – so you know they’ve got a good thing going.


If you’re a coffee lover, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried fresh-roasted coffee – and if you’re living in Astoria, you have no excuse not to stop by and try some. Your taste buds will thank you with a standing ovation – I promise.


DeMarco Coffee
1430 Astoria Blvd,
Astoria, NY 11102