Life Health and Fitness: The BEST Place to Get Fit!

When we’re not eating at every restaurant in Astoria to bring you guys reviews, we like to try and be healthy. One of our absolute FAVORITE places to work out in Astoria is Life Health and Fitness gym, located right across the street from Kaufman Astoria Studios.

There’s a few reasons we love Life Health and Fitness. Obviously, they have all the latest weight machines, lots of treadmills, ellipticals and the like, but they’ve got more than that. Life Health and Fitness feels comfortable. It’s bright and open, and there’s even a seating area with couches to just kick back and relax in before or after your workout. The staff and trainers are always friendly and accommodating, and for someone who’s super intimidated by the gym… they make it a lot easier.


Life Health and Fitness offers loads of classes, from mind and body classes, to boot camp, to conditioning and strengthening, and to our personal favorite, Zumba! Most of these classes are included in the membership, so you can just pop in and not have to worry about signing up. They also have Silver Sneaker classes, which are for anyone who needs a lower impact workout, whether it’s the elderly, recovering athletes, or just someone who wants to take it slow on their first few days at the gym. One of the coolest classes is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and it is a serious work out.

All the personal trainers are certified and are extremely passionate about what they do. There’s trainers to help you get in shape, help you get a six pack, and even to make you a competing body-builder!

A big reason that we REALLY love Life Health and Fitness is that they’re just as passionate about Astoria as we are. Life Health and Fitness cares about their community, and is always putting together or attending events in the area. They’ve done Relay for Life in Astoria Park, and they had a HUGE event to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, with New York Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib attending.


We learned a lot about Life Health and Fitness from owner Soph Tsouros, and there’s two big pieces of advice he offered to our Give Me Astoria readers. The first is: If you haven’t been to the gym for more than six months see a personal trainer. So many injuries can be avoided by just sitting down with a trainer and getting reacquainted with the equipment, and where you should be starting. It makes everything else a lot less intimidating, and most times, it keeps people from giving up again.

The second piece of advice is: Check out your insurance plan! For many insurance companies, going to the gym counts as preventative medicine, and therefore will reimburse either partial, or the full amount, of your gym membership– so make sure you take a look at your plan!

If you’re still lost with what to do or how to get healthy, Life Health and Fitness offers programs that can kick-start your healthy lifestyle. They have a 14 day Detox program that helps your body get rid of toxins and leaves you feeling refreshed and with a new foundation to start your diet and exercise on. There’s also the 3-2-1 program, which helps you establish a training regimen. With this program you meet with a trainer for three months– three times a week for the first month, twice a week the second month, and once a week the last month. This program is great for someone who wants to start really lifting and training, but falls of the wagon in terms of commitment and motivation.

Life Health and Fitness is seriously a great environment to work out in. It’s friendly, accommodating and meets all of our health and wellness needs. We wouldn’t want to work out anywhere else.