Sugar Freak is Back!

Sugar Freak recently posted this picture on their new Facebook – and we are beyond excited!

They’ll be open from 4 to 11 this whole week, and you can BET we’ll be spending lots of time there – especially now that it’s getting cold. Seriously – have you ever had jambalaya on a cold day? It warms you to your SOUL.

We got a sneak peek at their new website – which will go live sometime next week – and this is what they had to say about the grand re-opening:

“After a long renovation and feeling like we’d never see our doors open again, and alternating between excitement, impatience, and anxiety, we can finally say WE’RE BACK.

Renovations sometimes mean out with the old and in with the new, but we’ve kept our classics – and amped up our menu. We’ve still got all your New Orleans favorites, so if you’re craving Po’ Boys, Beer Can Chicken, Mac and Cheese, or Chicken and Waffles, we’ve still got ‘em.

Some new additions we’ve got are a sweet corn and bacon mac and cheese, beignet sliders filled with your choice of meats, vegetarian po’ boys.

Mac and cheese, the way to our hearts

We’ve also got a new soda fountain, and we’ll be mixing it with our homemade ice cream – because ice cream is always better when made by hand. One of our favorite new recipes is our cornbread milkshake – a childhood love of ours. If this all sounds great – we’re also rolling out some alcoholic milkshakes! Adults should have some fun, too.

Some other things we’ve got in the works are midnight brunch – because we love Saturday and Sunday brunch, but sometimes we crave hearty cooking late at night. Midnight brunch will start at 11 pm, and you’ll have just about 4 hours to indulge.

We’ve made some other changes, like new furniture – and we’ve even got a TV! But we still want everyone to enjoy each other’s company, so we’ll be reserving it for special events – you won’t even know it’s there otherwise!

All in all, we’re extremely excited to be open again. There’s nothing we love more than seeing faces light up the first time they try New Orleans cooking, or when you guys come back time and time again. We can’t wait to feed you all!”

Oh, Sugarfreak – we can’t wait


36-18 30th Avenue