It’s Not Too Cold For an Icebox..Right?

There are so many coffee shops in NYC….how can you chose? COFFEED is a NYC-based coffee shop that is quickly expanding! My favorite thing about Coffeed is the importance they set to charitable giving. This coffee company is driven to become one of the most charitable yet profitable companies in the world. Each of its locations donates a significant percentage of revenue to local charities including; The Foundling, City Growers, and Community Mainstreaming Associates. And lets talk quality, Coffeed roasts their very own coffee and bake their own pastries….both of which are absolutely delicious! Best brownies, ever. If you haven’t visited the main location at Northwen Blvd, try to visit the rooftop…yes, the rooftop. Coffeed has a partnership with the Brooklyn Grange, which sources their produce at the flagship location!


Some of Coffeed’s latest undertakings include LIC Landing and ICEBOX! Located in the park at Hunters Point South and set against the mind-blowing backdrop of Manhattan’s skyline is LIC Landing…a high-quality outdoor café offering everything from food to beer and wine. Additionally, just minutes away is ICE BOX located in Gantry State Park as seen in the picture below:


ICE BOX is seasonally open and known for its amazing pastries (scones, vegan cookies, brownies and cupcakes), iced coffee and smoothies. Smoothies range from “Strawberry Fields” to “Mango Fiesta” – nothing like a refreshing smoothie on sunny days. But if you’re looking for something with caffeine…the iced coffee is unlike any other thanks to Coffeed’s signature coffee cubes that give it an extra boost! We aren’t sure how much longer ICE BOX will be open as It will soon start to get chilly out there, so if you find yourself in Long Island City…be sure to pass by!



Lina Hernandez is a UMiami Nursing Grad, Colombian, Activist, Philanthropist, Concert enthusiast, Art lover, Dreamer and Passionista.  A free spirit living in NYC but determined to become a global citizen. Follow her on Twitter @hey_its_line. Carpe Diem.