Ladies, Stay Safe in Astoria

Let’s tackle an important issue: Unwanted sexual harassment.


Unfortunately, this has been on the rise in Astoria – and we’re taking notice, as well as local law enforcement and politicians.

Peter Vallone recently posted this online:

Attention women of Astoria. the perverts are out again. Guys (usually on bikes) grabbing women’s backsides. Happened again last night on B’way in 33rd st area. Small thin male Hispanic, green helmet, blinking light on bike, This happened a lot in this area a while ago, and we got the police to crackdown. I know many feel like they are too busy to report this, or that nothing will happen if they do (which is sadly often the case),but we have to let the police know in order to get action. If this has happened to you, inbox me (and report to police)”

There have been other reports of women sharing that they’ve been inappropriately touched, grabbed or harassed – in broad daylight – around Astoria. Women of Astoria, if this happens to you – report it. It is not your fault! No matter what you’re wearing, how late you’re out, or if you’re alone, there is no excusable reason for a stranger to violate your space, touch you, or make you uncomfortable.

Reporting these incidents make the local NYPD more aware of who to look for – many of these men have done the same thing to lots of other women, and having a description makes it much easier to catch the culprits.

Stay aware, and stay safe.