Astoria Music Now!

Astoria Music Now! Between 2 Bridges is AM&A’s 6th annual outdoor summer festival set to take place in Astoria Park on Sept. 6th. As in prior years, it will feature five stages hosting various artists from the surrounding communities.


The first stage will mainly showcase theater and dance troupes. The second stage – solo acoustic and smaller acts. The third stage will be our comedy tent and stages four and five feature full bands showcasing the headlining act as well as other rock, fusion, funk, hip hop, and blues bands based in Queens.

Stages and tents will all be located in or around the main lawn in Astoria Park. Finally, we will again this year set aside a substantial amount of space for local artists to mount visual and dynamic (interactive) pieces throughout the festival grounds.


(just simply give to the go fund me campaign on the link below)

Lancaster County Prison * Mainline Gypsy * Vic Thrill * The Bone Chimes * BAD BUKA * The Internet Disagrees * Space Jump Live! * The Band CC * The Greenstreets * Dirty Creatures * Jump For The Sails * Beechers Fault * Billy Conahan * The Ophelia Theatre Group * Jeanne Marie Boes & her band * Sigi Fraud and the Broads * Andrew Sydor * Nimrod Texieria * Michael Orourke (hosting the comedy tent) * Doris Cellar (making unusual art for all) * Jamie Stellini * Rick Rocker * Rebel Nation * Moose * And many many more to be announced!!!

We can’t wait!