Haircuts for Men?

Astoria has its fair share of hair salons, but today we’re thinking about men’s haircuts. To us ladies, it would seem guys haircuts are straight forward – after all, don’t you just pick a number from the chart and sit back and relax? Apparently, it’s not so simple – and it turns out the men of Astoria are just as picky about their hair as women. We’ve done some research, and picked three of the best places for guys cuts in Astoria.

3. Alex’s Barber Shop, 30-03 32nd street, Astoria, NY 11102

People aren’t afraid to call Alex’s the best barber shop in Astoria, and stand behind their choice. The barber of choice here is – you guessed it – Alex, and he runs a great place. Alex is chatty and friendly, and looks to you to hear exactly how you want your hair. The best part? Alex will give you a world class haircut for just ten dollars. Throw in a tip, and you’ve got a haircut that costs less than lunch most days! It’s a bargain for walking out of the door looking like a million bucks.

2. Andreas Barber Shop, 25-36 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106

Apparently one of the few places using old fashioned scissors instead of clippers, Andreas gets rave reviews from their customers. Now – the customers here are pretty vocal about their love – some who have been going to Andreas since they were children, and some who drive over an hour to visit. The top barbers here are Alex and Mark, and their forte is everything from shape ups to trims and shaves.The atmosphere is professional, as are the barbers – men who have really worked on honing their craft and executing it perfectly on each new head they encounter.

1. E&A Barbershop, 33-12 31st Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106

Touted by many as their favorite place, E&A is apparently one of, if not the, best place for men’s haircuts in Astoria. For $14, you can get an amazing haircut from some really experienced barbers – ones that are keeping up with trends and can give you a Mad Men-esque haircut that’s all the rage nowadays, while simultaneously knowing how to keep it looking updated. Reviewers saying E&A’s is great because you can get a cut, without all the chit chat and small talk of most places. Just go in, get great hair, go on your way. We like efficiency!