A new local seawall and waterfront promenade!

Queensbridge Park is probably one of our favorite parks in Western Queens. The park recently got an upgrade, and it’s one that is an advantage for all the local residents. The park has now been implemented with a seawall – which was previously deteriorating into the East River. A a 6-foot wide waterfront promenade with benches and plantings, and a small wharf has also been added into the northern end.

The project was funded with $3.65 million from Council Member Van Bramer and the City Council, $1 million from the Office of the Queens Borough President, $1 million from the Office of the Mayor, and $1 million from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The new seawall and promenade brings residents a closer view of the waterfront, as well a nicer, more well-kept space – a much welcome addition. In a city where we seem to be losing more and more space to high-rise buildings everyday, having focus put back on relaxing, natural places is great.


Daniel Avila/ NYC Parks

 New York City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer said of the project, “The completion of the Queensbridge Park Seawall restores access to the waterfront, access that has been denied for far too long. Queensbridge Park is a jewel in Western Queens and restoring the Seawall and rebuilding its esplanade was my top priority when I was elected. I am proud to have secured $3.65 million to help achieve this goal. The reopening of the seawall after years of closure is a huge win for the people of Western Queens and is a promise that I am proud to have delivered on. No longer do Queensbridge Residents need to look at the seawall as it crumbles into the East River. Instead, residents will be able to enjoy a park and waterfront just as lovely as any in New York City.”

We’re glad to see the new aspects of the park, especially in time to enjoy the summer alongside the water. Although we love the waterfront at Astoria Park, we’ll absolutely be stopping by Queensbridge Park this summer.

Queensbridge Park 
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