A New Starbucks?

Astoria is no stranger to coffee shops – we recently told you guys the international coffee chain Cafe Benne plans to open two locations in the neighborhood – and it looks like Starbucks is making their presence known as well.


While walking around yesterday, we noticed the big green letters have just gone up on the latest location – at 30-18 Astoria Boulevard. The building has been under renovation for quite some time now. While we knew of Starbucks’ plans, it seems a little out of place, probably because of the bright orange facade the building is covered in.

DNAinfo/Jeanmarie Evelly

DNAinfo/Jeanmarie Evelly

The new location is conveniently right under the Astoria Boulevard train station…and right across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts. Are we smelling a little competition? It’s also on the same block as Domenick’s, a wine and spirits store.

Now, the same question we posed last time we had a coffee chat: Do we really need all these big coffee chains opening up!?