Thirsty Thursdays! The Top 5 Places to Get Your Drink On in Astoria

There’s no shortage of restaurants in Astoria, but what about places to get a drink? Here’s our top 5 places to grab a drink in Astoria!

1. Crescent and Vine – 25-01 Ditmars Boulevard

We’ll start off quiet. Crescent and Vine is soft and unassuming – nothing like a regular bar. With the dim vibe, the friendly staff, and the wooden bar top, Crescent and Vine is the place you want to go on a first date. It’s cozy and intimate, without feeling…creepy. It’s comfortable. They have an amazing selection of beer and wine – especially a huge amount of craft beers. Seriously, if you’re into craft beers, Crescent and Vine is your place. They’ve also got meat and cheese plates, so it’s a great place to end your night on a calm note – the perfect place to relax on a weekend night.

2. Sweet Afton – 30-09 34th Street

Are you surprised? Everyone loves Sweet Afton – we’re no different. They’ve got amazing food, which is totally worth checking out, but we’re thinking about drinks. The drink menu at Sweet Afton has pretty much anything for anyone – from unique beers to martinis and cocktails. We suggest trying out the pickle martini – it’s absolutely killer. They have amazing service, and the staff is usually willing to whip up an interesting cocktail for you if you can’t choose. They’re also really well versed on the beers they serve – so ask away! Sweet Afton is a great place to hang out with a bunch of friends – dinner and drinks here is perfect.

3. Rapture Lounge – 34-27 28th Avenue

Let’s kick it up a notch. A mix between comfy, edgy and awesome, Rapture Lounge is where you want to come if you’re into strong drinks and good music. Rapture Lounge has a vibe that’s kind of hard to place. It seems almost…kitchy? But not in a try-hard way. More like, they just want you to be comfortable, and if they have to through in a bunch of couches for you to be comfortable, they’ll do it. Even if it clashes with the rest of the theme. But it works. Promise. If you’re one of those friends that checks in everywhere on Four Square – you’re in luck. Every Four Square check in  gets a free pineapple tequila shot. They’ve also got a different margarita each night of the week.

4. Break Bar and Billiards – 32-04 Broadway

Sometimes, you just want to drink and play pool. Break is the best place in Astoria to do just that. If you want to kick back and have some hands on fun, or have a guys night out, Break Bar and Billiards is the place. The decor is great, the lighting is spot on, and they’ve got huge TV’s playing all the best games. There’s loads of arcade games, so it’s like Chuck E Cheese’s…for adults. With a lot more alcohol. And without a big rat as a mascot. Just grab a beer and a pool stick, and you’ll end up spending much longer here than you expected.

5. Mosaic Cafe and Lounge – 25-19 24th Avenue

Let’s bring it back down. Mosaic is the place to go when you’re ready to have a good drink and conversation. Another bar with couches (seriously, couches are a great idea,) Mosaic really encourages you to enjoy your drink. They have loads of beers, and if that’s not your thing, they’ve got a wine for every pallet, as well as lots of cocktails. It’s a cozy wine bar that feels like the perfect place to grab a book and sip your wine. It’s dim and cozy, and although it doesn’t look like much from the outside, once you get inside it’s a place that’s absolutely endearing. The service and food is amazing, and their ambiance just can’t  be beat.

Did we miss your favorite bar? Do you know somewhere better? Drop us a comment!