Butcher Bar: Bringing the Best of BBQ to Astoria

The best place to get BBQ is in the South. Duh. But the N train doesn’t go that far, so your next best bet is Butcher Bar. (That line also doubles as a rap verse.)

We stopped by Butcher Bar this past weekend, and immediately knew it was Pick of the Week worthy. Butcher Bar specializes in organic, high quality, pasture raised, hormone and antiobiotic free meat. Basically – it’s amazing meat. For someone looking for healthier alternatives that has a difference you can actually taste, Butcher Bar is the place.

Now that it’s warm out, Butcher Bar has really great outdoor seating that we totally recommend. Their wait staff is friendly and helpful, and can answer practically any meat-related question you have.

Here’s what we really loved in the meat category: the brisket and pulled pork.

The brisket is really tender and has a great flavor. There’s a perfect ratio of fat to meat, and it all comes together to make the brisket succulent and moist. The real kicker is the BBQ sauce that it’s marinated in. The sauce has a balance of sweetness and boldness, and it’s probably one of the best BBQ sauces we’ve ever tasted.

The pulled pork is slow cooked to perfection, and it’s seriously delicious. It has a really smokey flavor and it’s super succulent. Now, cards on the table, we’re not the biggest pork lovers – but this seriously blew us away, and we’re glad we took Butcher Bar’s recommendation to try it.

For sides, we had the mac and cheese, and the sauteed string beans with bacon and onions. Now, mac and cheese is one of those quintessential dishes that always brings us back to our childhood, and Butcher Bar totally nailed the nostalgia. You know how there’s a noodle to cheese ratio and sometimes there’s too much noodle and sometimes there’s too much sauce? Butcher Bar’s mac and cheese is like noodles and cheese came together as soul mates in perfect harmony. It’s just a thing of beauty.

The sauteed string beans were bursting with flavor, and they’re cooked up perfectly crispy. They’re a great way to add some greens into an otherwise meaty-plate (not that we’re complaining. mhhhh, meat.)

Butcher Bar is rated by Zagat as the BEST BBQ in all of Queens, and the second best BBQ in ALL of New York City. The chef, Orlando Sanchez, was named to the 30 under 30 restaurant up and comers – which is a pretty big feat. It’s also been on the Michelin guide two years in a row. So basically, you can’t go wrong with eating at Butcher Bar. Also, you can stop by and taste their food at the LIC Flea every Saturday and Sunday until the end of October, and at the Astoria Flea. They’re also expanding even further next door, so keep an eye out for that!

You can visit Butcher Bar at 37-08 30th Ave, Astoria NY 11105. You can also check  them out on Facebook, or on their website.