Humans of Astoria is Back!

Give Me Astoria is delighted to present the return of one of our favorite pages, Humans of Astoria!

Humans of Astoria will keep you entertained with up-close-and-personal information through Astoria’s community. We aim to inspire visitors and locals as we take you on exciting virtual tours, revealing the city’s intimate “Astorical,” nature.

Journey through the neighborhoods as Humans of Astoria uncovers personal experiences, explores daily agendas, and reveals tips and tricks to using the unlimited resources Astoria has to offer.

Astoria is a neighborhood founded on diversity, and we want to capture that diversity through photographs. We know that each of the thousands of residents in Astoria have a story to tell, and everyone’s story deserves to be heard. You’ll learn something you never knew about the corner coffee lady, about your neighbor, about strangers you’ve crossed paths with walking to the train, and maybe, even about yourself.

Whether you plan to spend a day in Astoria Park, enjoy cocktails and dinner, shop one of the numerous stores, or simply walk around town, keep an eye out for Humans of Astoria – you could be our next picture! We want to keep inspiring you through light-hearted interviews with local residents and their unique perspectives on life, love, happiness and everything in between!



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