Oak Point: Bringing Holistic Health to Astoria

When’s the last time you were sick? Few weeks ago? Winter? You probably went to the doctor and got some medicine prescribed, right? Or stopped by the pharmacy and grabbed whatever fit your symptoms? I know that’s what I do when I’m sick.

At Oak Point Health and Vitality Center, husband and wife duo Dimitri and Anna Louca Boules aim to change how we view sickness and health. Their goal, as Dimitri told us, is to “find natural ways to enhance people’s health. We want to heal them from the inside out.”

Now, you’re probably thinking “BUT I CAN’T GIVE UP MY TYLENOL AND CLARITIN,” but hear me out. At Oak Point, they work with you to find the cause of your issues, and to remedy them where they begin. Digestive issues? Might be a food allergy. Fertility issues? Hormone imbalances? They’ve solved them all.

“We look at the patient as a whole,” said Dimitri, “we don’t just want to put a band-aid over the problem. We want to address it. If you never address what’s causing your problem, 10 years down the line you’re going to have a bigger problem.” Holistic medicine, which has been practiced for thousands of years, focuses a lot on prevention as well. “Prevention is the cure,” says Dimitri. If you’re exercising and eating right, as well as taking a preventative supplement, there’s less chance that you’ll suffer from regular ailments.

At Oak Point, they offer everything. Any health issues you’re having, they have seen before, and can tackle them without medicines that have harmful side affects. They also offer acupuncture and massage therapy, as well as skin care therapy. They’ve got organic beauty products as well, if you’re just looking to decrease the overall chemicals you’re exposing your body to.

Dimitri and Anna are a great, sweet couple, that genuinely enjoy what they do. They have a passion for helping people get healthier. They have packages that bring down the price of their individual sessions a huge amount, and are always willing to find a package that works for their customers.

If Oak Point sounds like your type of place, keep an eye out! We’re going to be giving away some free services! In the mean time, you can visit Oak Point at 23-92 23 st, or check out their website.