Porphyra: A little mythical, a little metal.

Porphyra is an awesome local band we got to hang out with recently.  Headed by lead guitarist Billy Chrissochos, the band is creating unprecedented music in Astoria.

Billy tells us the music is a little mix of everything. Lyrics incorporate history and classic Greek mythology, with a little dash of sci-fi. The band, comprised of five core members, utilizes a small orchestra of instruments. These instruments include the bouzouki and tzoura, which are ancient Greek string instruments, and an electric violin, as well as percussion instruments.

Porphyra have played shows all over Astoria and New York City, including Athens Square Park, Astoria Park, and Irving Plaza. The vibe of their music is similar to Iron Maiden, echoing the heavy rock feel while incorporating melodic female and male vocals.

Billy told us he got his start writing and learning music in the sixth grade, where he learned to play the alto saxophone and guitar. “When I was growing up, there weren’t as many bands as there are now. It wasn’t as easy to find music.”

The best advice Billy said he can offer for teenagers and young adults looking to break into the music business is, “It’s hard work and passion. It’s not easy. You have to treat it like a business, and keep working at it every day.” And that’s exactly what Porphyra is doing. Keep an eye out for their next show!

You can keep up with Porphyra on their Facebook.