The 5th Annual Frank Sinatra Film Festival!


This Tuesday and Thursday, the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts is having their fifth annual film festival!

The two day festival is a showcase of students from the school who are focusing on film making, directing, producing and more. Tuesday will be a showcase of Freshman, Sophomore and Junior films, while Thursday is the senior showcase – along with distinguished Junior level trailers.

The Film Festival grows larger and larger every year, and it’s honestly an amazing thing to watch. The Frank Sinatra School runs a competitive 4 year film-making program, and the films being featured have been worked on tirelessly by the students all year. Many of the seniors being showcased have been accepted to film-making programs in some of the countries most prestigious colleges and universities.

Many of the films being shown have already had premiers in places like the Tribeca Film Festival, which is no easy feat. If you’re interested in going, admission for the public is $15, and tickets are available here.. You can check out the trailer below!