Brooke Taylor: Personal Training, Pilate-ing Superstar

Brooke Taylor has been dancing since the age of 3, building a body that is absolutely to die for. Through her training, teaching and personal fitness program, she’s helping men and women achieve bodies that they could only dream of.

Brooke is a pilates instructor, as well as personal trainer. She specializes in Corrective Exercise Training, Cardiorespiratory Training, Exercise Performance, Weight Management, Pre and Postnatal Fitness, Neuromuscular Stretching, and special populations. She holds several different national and international fitness certifications. She trains and certifies students for Merrithew Health in Manhattan, on a national level, so that they can further go on to teach classes.

Taylored Fitness Fusion is Brooke’s own personal fitness program, and she also teaches a blend of barre fusion and pilates. Now, if there’s one preconception you should toss out the door, it’s that pilates are just for women. Brooke tells us, “I’ve had guys show up to my class and leave with their legs quivering. They’re used to lifting heavy weights and working on machines, but have a weak core. Pilates increases the interaction with their core stability.” Basically, you can lift all the weights you want, but if your core is weak, your whole body isn’t in sync.

Brooke’s classes are designed to strengthen muscles, and to tone muscles. They helps achieve the long, lean dancer look that so many women strive for. The classes, especially her Taylored Fitness Fusion class, are super intense, and Brooke tells us they’re not for someone looking for an easy work out – they’re tough, and get your heart beating. The Taylored Fitness Fusion class is a high intensity interval class, meaning that it burns fat through intense short, repeated workouts.

It’s not just us that thinks Brooke is awesome – she was recently nominated as one of the top 50 hottest female personal trainers in ALL of America. That’s no little feat – do you have any idea how many personal trainers there are in America!? You can check it out and vote for her here.

As the mother of a little boy, Brooke understands the plight of new Moms, and soon-to-be Moms, to stay fit. One of her upcoming projects is a collaboration with the gym she teaches at, Life Health and Fitness (our favorite gym!). They’re planning to open up a studio that offers pre and post natal fitness classes, which aren’t offered currently in Astoria. She tells us, “Having a son myself, I know it’s such a challenge to keep your sanity and fitness in check when you’re pregnant, or a new mother. I wanted to offer something for the Moms in Astoria that would help them.”

Brooke is super sweet, and more than willing to help anyone that comes to one of her classes. She loves helping make a difference in people’s lives, and helping them build bodies that they love and adore. You can check out any of her classes at Life Health and Fitness gym,