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Make Way For Chip!

Well Astoria is fast becoming the land of opportunity when it comes to food. With every store that closes it seems like another five take its place. Now we are getting a cookies and coffee specialty when Chip opens its … Continued

Poke Wave Is Coming To Broadway!

Say what you want about Astoria, we’ve got cuisine, and we got diversity. Poke Wave is the newest member of the Broadway family. The Hawaiian inspired restaurant will be opening up their doors end of May, and we caught up … Continued

Winegasm Closed Due To Health Violations

The Department of Health (DOH) shut down popular Astoria wine bar, Winegasm last week, after discovering a number of violations. The wine bar, located on 31-86 37th Street was shut down on March 8th when they raked up 40 health … Continued

Sugar Freak To Reopen Its Doors!

When news hit that much loved, and rightly so, Sugar Freak was closing, many Astorians were stricken with cuisine grief. But then something happened. A miracle on 30th Avenue took place when owner Michele Addeo and restaurateur James Paloumbis announced … Continued

It’s All About The Loukoumades At Cafe Boulis

Let’s talk Loukoumades. Let’s talk soft, round doughy goodness that melts in your mouth, as sprinkled sugar fills your palate with sweet honey filling that only one place can give you. We’re talking Cafe Boulis. And we’re talking the Greek equivalent … Continued

Juuz Me, A Healthy Must For Astorians

This health centric quaint little spot is located on 19-23 Ditmars Blvd and is a blast to visit. Stepping inside, there isn’t any grand designs or extravagant themes. It’s simple. And in its own simplistic way, full of character. Mostly due to … Continued

Trestle To Take On Broadway

There’s a new restaurant coming to Broadway. Trestle will be taking up the spot that once belonged to Astoria Pizza, a pizzeria that quickly went out of business. The American Bar and Bistro will be set to open some time … Continued


Popular Astoria Instagram account @astoryofastoria, is hosting their 2nd annual holiday fundraiser on Wednesday, December 14th, at Studio Square. This year, once again, the gang have teamed up with Urban Upbound, an Astoria-based organization which is focused on providing residents … Continued

Bonjour Crepes & Wine, Coming Soon!

Astorians just can’t seem to get enough of crepes. We’ve got quite a few crepe shops already, with many palate friendly options to indulge our senses. But it would appear we now have a place where we can indulge in … Continued

A Taste Of Mexico At Chela & Garnacha

Starting off as a taco food truck, Mexico Blvd, the Guinchard family worked very hard for three years until through sheer determination they finally opened up a spot to call their home. And so Chela & Garnacha was born. It’s … Continued