Your Guide to Outdoor Eats in the Neighborhood

We’ve made it! Winter is firmly in our rearview mirror, spring is in full bloom, and warm weather is here to stay. There is no better way to celebrate this much anticipated changing of the seasons than by sharing an outdoor meal, and maybe a couple of cocktails, with friends, family, and loved ones. To help with that, here is a guide to the best outdoor dining options in the neighborhood.

Pig Beach BBQ

1. Pig Beach 1
Image via Instagram (@pig_beach_queens)

Since it opened its doors in October 2021, Pig Beach has been the go-to spot for many Astoria residents looking for great barbecue food. The beloved restaurant measures more than 28,000 square feet and much of that is made up by their massive courtyard space. There is no shortage of outdoor seating at Pig Beach, making it the perfect spot for large groups looking to enjoy some delicious food and drinks on a warm afternoon or evening. The space includes a large jumbotron-esque screen, as well as several other smaller TVs on the walls surrounding the courtyard, so it is an excellent location to watch a game with friends as well. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Pig Beach BBQ for your next outdoor outing this spring.

35-37 36th St / 718.362.6111 / / 4.1 out of 5 Stars (Yelp)

Luna Asian Bistro and Japanese Rooftop

2. Luna 1
Image via Facebook (@Luna Asian Bistro and Japanese Rooftop Restaurant)

For when a courtyard, garden, or back patio just won’t do it—Luna Asian Bistro & Rooftop Lounge is the perfect place to visit. On their romantic and inviting rooftop you will find great views and even better food. Featuring a menu that boasts a wide variety of delectable sushi rolls, Luna is a can’t miss spot if you are desiring exceptionally well-made Japanese fusion. Luna also offers customers unique takes on traditional Asian dishes, such as their wildly delicious spicy chicken ramen. It is the perfect date night location if you’re seeking an evening that feels fresh, adventurous, and exciting—without leaving the neighborhood.

32-72 Steinway St 7th Floor / 917.832.7911 / / 3.9 out of 5 Stars (Yelp)

Sek’end Sun

3. Sekend Sun 1
Image via Sek’end Sun (

Sek’end Sun is a unique take on the classic American cocktail bar, which features a surprisingly great outdoor space for its patrons. While some might be made to feel apprehensive by the term “cocktail bar,” Sek’end Sun has a welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere with something for everyone. Their menu features several extraordinary signature cocktails—a favorite being the Negroni Acido—as well as a comprehensive beer and wine selection. The backyard seating area is the perfect casual location to enjoy any of their wonderful food items. Their menu is comprised of traditional American bar fare, but much like the establishment itself, is a unique take on the familiar. Their fish tacos, sriracha bacon mac & cheese, and shishito peppers are among their best offerings.

32-11 Broadway / 917.745.0745 / / 3.9 out of 5 Stars (Yelp)

Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill

4. Anable Basin 1
Anable Basin Image via Instagram (@anablebasin)

To the unfamiliar, Anable Basin Sailing might look like a typical waterside bar & grill—but those who have visited know that this unassuming local favorite offers not only good food and great vibes, but an incredibly beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline as well. Simplicity really is their specialty at Anable Basin, and their uncomplicated menu is a perfect representation of that fact. When you sit down here with a cold beer on a hot day though, and look out at the amazing view, you’ll realize that simple really is all you need. Make sure to bring some friends too, because this is a great spot for large groups. One thing to note before arriving though is that Anable Basin is a cash only establishment.

4-40 44th Dr / 718.433.9269 / / 4.1 out of 5 Stars

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

5. Bohemian Hall
Image via Instagram (@bohemianbeergarden)

Not only is it maybe the most famous location in town, but it is also probably the number one place most Astorians think of when they’re looking for an outdoor dining or drinking experience. This list simply wouldn’t be complete without its inclusion. And, the best part about Bohemian Beer Garden in the warm, sunny months is that it truly has something for everyone. It’s the spot to go to for families, couples, small groups, and big groups. It is perfect for a casual Sunday afternoon, or for your next big celebration. Truthfully, you probably don’t need an extra reason to head over to Astoria’s favorite beer garden this spring, but use this list as one anyways.

29-19 24th Ave / 718.274.4925 / / 3.8 out of 5 Stars (Yelp)

Victory Garden Cafe

7. Victory Garden Cafe
Image vis Victory Garden Cafe (

Victory Garden Cafe has been a staple of the neighborhood for over 50 years. The traditional Greek restaurant and bakery offers Astoria residents one of the most peaceful and romantic atmospheres around. Their quiet and inviting garden, along with their authentic dishes, makes customers feel like they are sitting down for a meal in Greece when they arrive. Victory Garden Cafe originally opened as just a bakery, before expanding to a full restaurant in 2012, which explains why their baked goods and pastries are absolutely second to none. Their tsoureki bread is considered by many to be their standout item. With a daily brunch menu, a wide variety of traditional Greek entrees offered, and a generous Thursday happy hour deal—there are many reasons to visit Victory Garden Cafe outside of just the sweets though.

21-69 Steinway St / 718.274.2087 / / 4.1 out of 5 Stars (Yelp)

Chez Olivia

6. Chez Olivia
Image via OpenTable (

Chez Olivia introduced itself to the neighborhood in 2021 and quickly became a favorite of many locals. The restaurant’s popularity is due to several things—including its innovative menu featuring fresh takes on many authentic French bistro staples, their use of fresh and high-quality farm-to-table ingredients, as well as a delightful back patio space which elevates the dining experience. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, while also being quite lively on many spring and summer nights. It is difficult to find better French cuisine in all of Astoria than what is offered at Chez Olivia. The Duck Leg Confit and Boeuf Bourguignon are just two of the many menu highlights. With an outstanding wine and cocktail selection as well, the back patio at Chez Olivia truly is the perfect location for any special occasion you are looking to celebrate over the next couple of months.

29-11 23rd Ave / 718.204.0952 / / 4.7 out of 5 Stars (Yelp)

Pye Boat Noodle

8. Pye Boat Noodle
Image via Instagram (@pyeboatnoodle)

Despite being something of a hidden gem, Pye Boat Noodle is one of the best options for Thai food in all of Astoria. They pride themselves on offering incredibly authentic “street hawker” foods of Thailand. Their menu focuses on the basics—rich broths, well-prepared vegetables, tender meats, and delicious noodles—and their atmosphere is simple, intimate, and cozy. Their minimalistic backyard patio is a place you would be lucky to find yourself on a warm spring afternoon. While you’re there, do yourself a favor and order a glass of Mekhong or a cold bottle of Singha to complement your authentic Thai dining experience.

35-13 Broadway / 718.685.2329 / / 4.3 out of 5 Stars (Yelp)