Discover the Flavors of Mexico: La Cevicheria by de Mole – Your Go-To Spot for Unique Seafood and Traditional Mexican

The April Pick of the Month belongs to La Cevicheria by de Mole. Serving Mexican food with artful presentation and style, La Cevicheria stands out in such a way that it might just start a trend in the neighborhood.

4 La Cevicheria by de Mole outdool seating 1
La Cevicheria by de Mole – outdoor seating @lacevicheria_demole via Instagram

Owner Luis Mendez explained that his parents, Ramiro and Mireya, were inspired when they traveled to Huatulco, located on the coast of Oaxaca. After they got a chance to sample the local flavors, Ramiro and Mireya knew their business wasn’t going to be a restaurant with conventional Mexican food. The couple decided that seafood would need to be a crucial part of the menu. Mendez explained, “What we offer is like nothing else in the city. It’s unique in terms of flavor.”

Just accept that you’ll be ordering some ceviche. The recipe is thousands of years old and involves the process of cooking seafood without using heat. Instead, the fish is cooked using the acids found in certain citrus fruits like lemons and limes. The result is refreshing and flavorful, perfect with a drink on a hot day. Try the unbelievably tasty Fire and Ice ceviche: lobster, shrimp, sage infused coconut sauce, lime juice, mint, basil, serrano, and cilantro served in a young coconut shell.

1 La Cevicheria by de Mole ceviche
La Cevicheria by de Mole – ceviche @lacevicheria_demole via Instagram

And don’t stress if you are looking for more traditional Mexican fare. Tacos and burritos are on the menu with chicken and steak options, and a sizzling plate of fajitas is definitely worth your evening. There’s even a mind-blowing vegetarian burrito along with some other excellent vegan and vegetarian choices. And for dessert, order up some coconut flan or La Cevicheria’s homemade churros with cinnamon and melted chocolate.

3 La Cevicheria by de Mole margaritas and tacos
. La Cevicheria by de Mole – margaritas and tacos @lacevicheria_demole via Instagram

La Cevicheria is the third such successful restaurant Luis’ family has opened. With locations in Sunnyside and Williamsburg, La Cevicheria will hopefully have even more locations coming soon. Mendez said that his family believes in maintaining the highest possible standards for the restaurant. “The main success depends on the flavor and the consistency of the food and the service,” he said. “[You need to] make people feel comfortable.”

2 La Cevicheria by de Mole margaritas
La Cevicheria by de Mole – margaritas @lacevicheria_demole via Instagram

Mendez noted that his role in developing La Cevicheria was only natural, because family is what he values most, “It’s a family business. Dad started it with Mom, and I help with the finances and manage the floor. I know how the food should taste, and I help my father with new ideas. That was their dream: to have a small location and have it grow.”

42-20 30th Avenue / Phone: 718.777.1655 /