Sac’s Place Is Celebrating 35 Years And 200 Of Tradition

February’s Pick of the Month belongs to Sac’s Place. This neighborhood staple will soon be celebrating its 35th anniversary, and its owners, Anthony and Domenico Sacramone, couldn’t be prouder of Sac’s continued success.

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Owners Anthony and Domenico Sacramone image @sacsplace

The story of Sac’s Place feels special because of how unlikely it sounds. Anthony never saw himself involved in owning a restaurant; in fact, he initially worked in the world of finance. “I was a vice president at [a large bank]. I just didn’t like the business world,” he explained. “I liked giving orders, but I was bad at taking orders.” When Anthony learned that Domenico wanted to open an Italian restaurant using their mother’s recipes, Anthony knew he had to take a chance, and Sac’s Place was born.

Domenico points out a picture of his mother, Maddalena, hanging on the wall. “We learned everything from her. We use all her recipes. She worked with us 30 years until she was 90.” But the tradition behind Sac’s Place goes back even further than that. Maddalena learned from her mother (Anthony and Dom’s grandmother) born in 1886. “And her mother was born in 1850,” Dom explained. “So, the food you’re eating goes back 200 years.”

And that food is outstanding by the way. Order the classic pizza that made Sac’s Place famous: crispy yet soft, and full of flavor. The lobster and crab ravioli with shrimp is served in a cream sauce that’s practically to die for. And if you’re looking for perfectly cooked prime rib, then Sac’s is your place.

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Lobster and crab ravioli @sacsplace via email

While they enjoy joking around, Anthony and Domenico take their menu very seriously. Every dish served at Sac’s Place has some intricate detail or sought after ingredient that gives it that special taste, and these brothers are eager to talk about each one. The eggplant they serve? Baked, not fried. Their raw oysters? Imported from Newfoundland and harvested through the ice. Their pizza? Made with Italian tomatoes so that it tastes exactly like it does in Napoli. That incredibly delicious molten chocolate lava cake? That’s French chocolate oozing out and mixing with your premium ice cream.

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This neighborhood mainstay moved to its new home under Kaufman Astoria Studios four years ago. You may have passed their outdoor space, a comfy spot serving individual slices and drinks nestled under the massive columns of the studio building on 35th Ave. It’s a great space to relax when the weather allows.

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Anthony and Dom are looking forward to September when they plan to have a major event for the 35-year anniversary of their opening. And even though they’ve been in business a long time, these brothers understand that success is never a given. Though Anthony may have left the corporate world behind, he makes it clear that he works hard and plays hard. Anthony remarked, “It’s still 12 hours a day. That one time you don’t make that perfect meal for that person?” He shook his head. “You’ve got to be there.”

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