Fame in Astoria!

There are so many ways to show off Astoria. Fame being one of them! The diversity of our neighborhood is no match for any other. Here is a small dose of why Astoria is so great.

Hollywood in Astoria

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Hollywood East- Movies, commercials, and some of your favorite TV shows get filmed here all the time on this side of the river at the historic Kaufman and Silver Cup Studios. And what better place to watch movies and educate yourself with film history by attending the Museum of Moving Image’s ongoing exhibit and film screenings?  Astoria also gave rise to some well-known actors and singers- Christopher Walken, Ethel Merman, and Tony Bennett.

Christopher Walken’s family owned Walken’s Bakery, now the site of a hardware, but old school Astorians remember it well, and Tony Bennett? You can take the guy outta the hood, but you can’t take his name out of it. He is the founder of the Frank Sinatra High School for the Performing Arts, and wouldn’t we love to some day catch him performing at his state-of-the-art Tony Bennett Concert Hall right here at the high school he founded?

Steinway & Sons Factory

Steinway and Sons Factory: Image https://www.steinway.com/ Website

Steinway & Sons Factory- Steinway. It’s not just a street name. It’s the piano’s claim to fame, or was it the other way around? If it’s grand and stately, it’s a Steinway, and its made right here in our very own piano factory that has been manufacturing the most distinguished pianos since 1872. Handmade with superior craftsmanship and artistry, Steinway is the last American piano maker left. Once upon-a-time, Steinway & Sons sat on 400 acres and was surrounded by schools, shops, and post offices that made up Steinway Village. Now, at just four floors, if you haven’t done it already, you may want to put this on your neighborhood bucket list of must sees and schedule a tour of the factory to see firsthand how great sound is made.

Address: 18-1 Steinway Pl, Queens, NY 11105 / Phone(718) 721-2600