The Best Wellness Spots in Astoria

Feel Good, Taste Good!

Whether you’ve just left the gym at the crack of dawn or you’re rolling out of bed sometime around noon, a smoothie can be the perfect way to put some extra pep in your step while enjoying something natural and fresh.

There are numerous wellness spots and eateries in Astoria that prepare food for people who prioritize their health and fitness – we’re talking about some of the best juices, shots, smoothies, and drinks you can find that bridge the gap between tasty and healthy.

Fitrition is a popular and well-known destination for smoothies and açai bowls, located at 30-09 Steinway St. near multiple gyms and fitness centers. They have a full juice bar that features a wide range of all-natural ingredients and take-away food offerings labeled with breakdowns of nutritional macros.

They also offer a wheatgrass shot that is vibrant in taste and color, packing the equivalent of a two-and-a-half-pound salad down into just a few flavorful ounces. Other shots like the Cold Killer and the Fat Burner are just as potent, featuring a blend of ginger, lemon, and spices like cayenne pepper or cinnamon.

But, if you’re not on Steinway, don’t sweat it and try The Hydrator at Create, located at 29-21 Ditmars Blvd., less than a block away from the closest subway station. The Hydrator is a premium juice made from watermelon, cucumber, lemon, coconut and is garnished with a pinch of sea salt; perfect for beating the heat. They also have a detox juice which helps the body “naturally rid itself of unwanted toxins” and is made from celery, spinach, apple, carrot, and parsley.

For fitness enthusiasts and self-proclaimed gym rats, there’s Healthy Me, which not only has rejuvenating smoothies and hearty meals made from organic ingredients, but also offers a ten percent discount to all gym members. Located at 30-08 37th St., they have stand-out menu options that are packed with protein like their Popeye Power Smoothie and Protein Power Toast, which both contain almond butter among other ingredients.

And for people with dietary restrictions, there’s plenty of options at Healthy Me as well, like Bulletproof Coffee, which is highly sought after by people who are on a Keto diet. They also offer other foods that are gluten-free and vegan like Aussie Bites. At 99 cents a piece, they combine dried apricots with rolled oats, sunflower seeds, fried coconut, honey, and raisins into a snack that is sure to please anyone.

Finally, when it comes to pre-packaged juices for those seeking grab-and-go options Fusion Juice Bar is king in Queens. They have multiple locations throughout Astoria and make fresh drinks like Hulk Juice, which is a blend of celery, kale, spinach, green apples, and cucumber. Their “Raw Remedies” are also out-of-this-world, offering a natural aid to those with diabetes, hypertension, and low blood pressure. Pressed to impress, they are arguably one of the best ways to indulge in something sweet while keeping your body healthy and satisfied.