Time to Hit the S(n)ack

Top 7 Spots to Fulfil Post-Bedtime Cravings

Sweet Afton

No words can really do this popular neighborhood joint justice, but I’ll do my best. This place is just plain cool: exposed brick, a dim-lit bar, and worn wooden beams stretched across the ceiling brings a certain old-fashioned feel to an establishment that unironically serves avocado toast and french toast sticks for brunch. But, we’re here to talk about what they serve after hours. ‘Til 1am, you can get your hands on some classic bar grub like fried pickles and buffalo wings, but the main enticement is likely their self-proclaimed best burger in town. I guess you’ll just have to try it.

30-09 34th St. / 718.777.2570 / sweetaftonbar.com

Oven.Grill Chill Lounge

If your early morning cravings – yes, this place is open until 4AM – include a desire for Peruvian cuisine, look no further than this Broadway eatery. With a chill atmosphere and classics such as Ceviche Mixto (fresh seafood marinated in lemon or lime juice) and Lomo/Pollo Salteado (traditional stir-fry over french fries and rice), there are few places better than this one. Kitchen closes at 1am!

42-12 Broadway /  (917)832-7880 / chillastoria.com

Brik Astoria

Trendy, stylish, and absolutely popping on some nights, Brik is a Steinway St. location that’s a must-visit if you haven’t already, and it’s not hard to see why. The place boasts an ultra clean modern look with their walls lined with screens and a sleek fluorescent bar. An extensive American menu awaits alongside some very intriguing options such as the Jalapeno Cilantro Chicken Croquettes and the Brik Burger (With Feta Cheese, Grilled Tomatoes and Greek Slaw). The kitchen stays open until 2AM from Thursday through Sunday and 1AM the rest of the week.

3216 Steinway St /  718-267-2745 / brikastoria.com

Crave Astoria

As with any Astorian write-up, Greek is on the menu. Crave offers a pretty complete set of options at great prices- and of course, a kitchen that’s open well into the night (12:45am weekdays and 1:45am weekends). Athenian Baked Potato $6.95? Lamb gyro sandwich for $7.95? Fried cheesecake for $6.75?! What else could you ask for?

28-55  36th St. / 718-726-4976 / craveastoria.com

Omonia Cafe

Take your cravings to Omonia if you’re looking for one of the better indoor or outdoor decors in the neighborhood. With a textbook for a menu and perhaps the largest selection of baked goods and pastries in the area, there’s much to love about the Astoria staple from their thoughtful pandemic-era street cabana to the near-panoramic views from the inside. Order your food before the kitchen closes at 12:30AM, and if you get there early enough, check out their adjacent storefront that’s dedicated to sweets.

32-20 Broadway / (718) 274-6650  / omoniacafe.com

Zeus Kitchen

If your late-night shenanigans include pondering upon the many escapades of the Greek gods, you might want to take your appreciation of their mythology here. Zeus Kitchen, open 7 days per week from 4PM to 3AM, has a little bit of everything on their menu from arepas to their own take on Fettuccine Alfredo. But the best feature of their menu might be the “Between the Buns” section, which offers sandwiches aptly named after some of the Greek mythological figures such as the Poseidon (god of the sea), which is a Po’ Boy sandwich with crispy fried shrimp, Cajun Tartar sauce, coleslaw, and a french baguette. Let’s just hope they don’t serve anything named after Prometheus.

27-24 21st St / 718-606-1904 /zeuskitchen.com 

Athens Grill and Sports Bar

An under-the-radar pick with a host of critical acclaim online, Athens Grill and Sports Bar provides a lengthy list of Mexican dishes at affordable prices for anyone with a late-night hunger. Or an early-morning hunger, for that matter. Open from 9AM-4AM (wow), Athens serves the gauntlet of Mexican cuisine from chalupas to quesadillas, tostadas, huarache, and a mix of classic platters. And boy oh boy are those some plentiful servings!

30-11 30th Ave /  (718) 777-5366