How lucky we were to have lived

How lucky we were to have lived: The Crossroads of the Past and the Present


Dear art enthusiasts of Astoria,

This is an exhibit you simply can’t miss.

One of the main intentions of artwork is to make the observer feel something; joy, sadness, curiosity, confusion – ultimately, anything at all. Local artist Diana Alsip has taken that goal one step further with her exhibition, How lucky we were to have lived, in which she invites you to not only experience emotion, but a journey through time.


How lucky we were to have lived is an exercise in how we connect with images; we’ve all looked at old snapshots and listened to our mother or grandfather tell a story about someone we’d never met,” Alsip explains. Stemming from that sentiment, she then gathers vintage photos, be them her own or ones she purchases online, re-photographs them and manages to “pass the image between digital and analog processes, and in and out of the past and present. Activating a larger system of collective memory, [she imagines] what story exists just outside of the visible frame.”



Alsip’s ability to intersect images from years past with modern day mediums is nothing short of genius, and will be featured at LIC’s very own AlterWork Studio from September 10-28 and consist of 12 new chromogenic prints. Her LIC exhibit will be joining her impressive roster of fellow art exhibits previously shown in NYC, Tempe, Arizona, and Pacora, Colombia. Come pay her a visit this month and be transcended by her vision.

Additional inquiries can be directed to [email protected]


AlterWork Studios / 30-09 35th Ave. / @alterworkstudios