Step Out of NYC and Into Brazil

Beija Flor is easily the best Brazilian restaurant in LIC. Serving some of the most authentic and delicious Brazilian classics, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Brazil without stepping foot out of NYC.

Photo Beija Flor

You won’t want to miss their Pão de Queijo ($8), a steamy Brazilian cheese bread that will make you forget all about your diet. And don’t forget that Brazil is also known for having the most amazing grilled meat, so you’ll also want to try the Picanha na Chapa ($28), a grilled skirt steak served with rice, beans, roasted yucca flour, and vinaigrette.

Photo Beija Flor

But you shouldn’t just visit for the amazing food, because they have entertainment as well, which is what really makes Beija Flor the best Brazilian restaurant in the neighborhood. You can enjoy live Brazilian music by a variety of artists every weekend, or even watch a Brazilian soccer game! Whether you want a high quality dining experience, drinks with friends, or just a fun night out, Beija Flor has it all.

38-02 29th St. |718.606.2468 | @beijaflorlic |