It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cocktails

It’s summer, which can only mean one thing: cocktails!

And the only thing better than a cocktail is an over-the-top cocktail! These are the craziest cocktails that you’ll be sipping on all summer.


Salvatoria Kitchen and Bar


If you like margaritas, the Bulldog ($22) from Salvatoria Kitchen and Bar is a must-try! Topped with a Corona and rimmed with Tajin, this is the ultimate refreshing summer cocktail. Pictured is the flavor Guayaba, but there are 13 flavors to choose from, so there’s guaranteed something for everyone.

31-18 Broadway | 718.777.2829 | @salvatoriakitchenbar |


Mansion Supper Club

Image via mansionsupperclub


The Blue Coconut Royal ($16) from Mansion is so beautiful you won’t even want to drink it. This vibrant blue cocktail has white and dark rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. To make it even better, it’s topped with a piece of pineapple, so you can snack while you drink.

4611 Broadway | 917.410.7043 | @mansionsupperclub | 


La Tiendita

Image via latienditataquerianyc


If you want to try the Coronita ($30) from La Tiendita, you’ll have to bring a few friends along! The Coronita is a whopping 55oz. margarita topped with two Coronas and lime. It’s the perfect drink to share with a friend, or if you dare, even to have by yourself (we won’t tell!).

37-06 30th Ave. | 718.772.3777 | @latienditataquerianyc | 


Dive Bar LIC

Image via divebarlic

Dive Bar is serving up some of the most Instagram-worthy cocktails in the city! The Shipwreck ($28) is made with Cruzan light-aged rum, dark rum, triple sec, 151 rum, sprite, OJ, pineapple, passion fruit, lime juice, lemon juice, and grenadine. Could you keep track of all of that? Me neither. But all you need to know is that it’s absolutely delicious.

33-10 36th Ave. | 718.304.8154 | @divebarlic | 


Bubba’s Bistro Astoria

Image bubbasbistroastoria

Who doesn’t love a classic margarita? Bubba’s Bistro has perfected it, and we can’t get enough. But what makes it truly stand out? The massive 16oz. goblet ($12) it’s served in!

31-13 Ditmars Blvd. |718.728.2227 | @bubbasbistroastoria | 


Chanos Cantina

Image via chanos_cantina

You can never have too many frozen margaritas! This frozen margarita ($15) topped with tequila is the perfect summer treat to cool you off, and we guarantee you’ll be back for more!

35-55 31st St. | 917.832.7261 | @chanos_cantina 


Barrio Taqueria

Image @barriotaqueria

Barrio Taqueria is serving up a simple yet delicious cocktail that will keep you coming back all summer: Monopolio beer poured over homemade michelada, rimmed with Tajin ($12). Perfect to drink by itself, or paired with a taco!

33-02 34th Ave. | 718.255.1091 | @barriotaqueria 


Mom’s Kitchen and Bar

Image @momsastoria

Mom’s Kitchen and Bar always has the most amazing drinks, including the Tropic Like It’s Hot ($25)! It’s made with Coco Lopez infused rum, Vida mezcal, housemade cinnamon syrup, fresh pineapple and lime juice, served in a pineapple! It’s meant for two to share, but if you’re extra thirsty you can drink it all by yourself.

33-01 31st Ave. | 718.267.0142 | @momsastoria | 


Ibiza Juice Bar

Image @ibizajuicebar

We had to include a non-alcoholic cocktail, or “mocktail,” if you will. This Piña Colada ($14) from Ibiza Juice Bar is made with pineapple coconut cream and evaporated milk, but can be customized with any additional fruit or non-dairy milk. To make it even better, it’s served in a pineapple!

32 04 B 30th Ave. | 718.545.1313 | @ibizajuicebar 


Tantra Restaurant & Lounge

Image Tantra Restaurant & Lounge

Now we’re talking. You can’t consider yourself a cocktail connoisseur without trying Tantra’s Baijiu Buddha ($20): Hunan Jiugui baijiu, Bacardi Silver rum, genmaicha (roasted rice with green tea and strawberry), Allspice, and fresh lemon juice. Why, you ask? Because baijiu is the most widely consumed spirit in the world, but rare in the US – at least, outside of Tantra it is. Come try this Asian/Latin-inspired cocktail served in a ceramic, smoking Buddha and experience a flavor like never before (literally, never).

35-50 31st St. | 718.937.4574 |