Alpha Honey ® Health Arises from Pandemic to Win International Award

image Alpha Honey ®

When the International Taste Institute in Brussels announced Alpha Honey ® Health as the winner of its Exceptional 3-Star Superior Taste Award on June 1st, the NYC business saw it as a sign of a new consciousness city-wide. 

Alpha Honey ® Health is proud to be a hometown, Astoria-based company and was honored to be able to highlight the community in this prestigious international event. 

Each year, the International Taste Institute assembles some of the world’s finest chefs and sommeliers to evaluate food and beverage products for their taste, quality of production, and balance. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the number of entrants in 2021 increased by 45 percent, with the largest growth occurring in sustainable, healthy choices, according to the Institute. 

Alpha Honey ® Health’s flagship product, Royal Hānuka Mānuka Honey, is a proprietary blend of pure honeybee royal jelly – an apitherapy superfood – and pure raw honey sourced from the pollen from New Zealand’s prized Mānuka trees and organic rainforest blossoms. Creamy and rich, this delicious blend pairs exquisite taste with health-boosting properties, according to Elaine. 

The world’s finest chefs apparently agree. The team of healthcare professionals who founded Alpha Honey ® Health couldn’t be happier, especially since it puts their hometown back in the spotlight with a tasty way to stay healthy for life. Although the city’s top athletes weren’t able to compete in the Olympics this year, the Alpha Honey ® Health team carried the torch to earn international acclaim. 

In fact, the Alpha Honey ® Health team didn’t just bring home the gold when it comes to international competition. Their work, both as healthcare workers and as food producers, made them heroes in their own right. 

image Alpha Honey ®

Founded by frontline healthcare providers, Alpha Honey ® Health ( provides New York City community with healthy, holistic honey and other bee-sourced items. Its signature product, Royal Hānuka Mānuka Honey, blends superfood royal jelly with honey sourced from organic rainforest blossoms and New Zealand’s gourmet Mānuka honey for a creamy, tasty, yet immune-boosting treat. The company gained its reputation for stellar customer service during the COVID-19 pandemic, hand-delivering its honey to people shut inside during the lockdown.