Love The Skin You’re In

Looking to add some color to your life? Then roll up your sleeves! After months of being shut down, tattoo studios are finally back open by appointment only. With new standards in place like strict mask policies, no walk-ins, frequent Covid testing and cleaning/ hygienic advancements, business owners are ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for every client.

We caught up with some of our favorite local tattoo artists to showcase how they’re transforming their businesses to be the best in the city. So, if you’re one of the many ink lovers out there who had to put your latest body art on hold this past year, we’re thrilled to inform you that the wait is over and any one of the following shops is ready when you are!

Inkstop Tattoo

Photo: Sofia Pipolo

From Philly to New York, Eric Rignall has been tattooing for over 26 years. He opened his first shop in the Lower East Side in 1997 but is grateful to now run his business in his own neighborhood. His gorgeous studio, Inkstop Tattoo, in Long Island City has brought dedicated clients from all walks of life.

Eric attributes his success in venturing solo to the pride he has in his work, establishing good relationships and “not being a jerk.” He’s even become a bit of a legacy, tattooing generations
of clients from parents to children. After all these years, “word of mouth is still the best advertising,” he says. With a background in illustration and screen printing, Eric’s artistic style combines fine line and realism in black and gray, but his true specialty is creating beautifully detailed scenes.

Post-lockdown, Eric has seen an enthusiastic spike in people making appointments at InkStop for a new, original tattoo. He reflects, “It’s probably a sense of doing something for yourself; something permanent.”

43-01 21st St. | 212.995.2827 | @inkstoptattoonyc


Stay On Point Tattoos

Photo: Sofia Pipolo

Makin’ moves at StayOnPoint Tattoos! The owners of this LIC shop took advantage of the shutdown and used that free time to revamp their atmosphere from a casual, walk-in vibe to a more exclusive tattoo studio. StayOnPoint Tattoos currently has two resident artists and rotating guest artists by appointment only.

Owner and artist, Danny Cardova, a.k.a. D-Boi, has been in business in Queens since 2008, but prior to StayOnPoint, he had an award-winning career as a traveling tattoo artist and attended multiple tattoo conventions across the country. Today, people are coming to StayOnPoint from all over, their hearts set on his work in particular, ranging from his custom, intricate sleeves to realistic portraits.

“A lot of times, once people are making money they just go with the flow,” he says. On the contrary, D-Boi is constantly striving to improve his skill, learning more about the business and his craft in an effort to provide the best experience possible for his clients.

D-Boi is appreciative of his clients’ continuous, committed support as he’s been able to elevate StayOnPoint in spite of the effects of the pandemic. “To the community, I’d say support local businesses…You’d want to see people advance in life, especially if you come from the same place.”

42-17 35th Ave. | 718.753.0756 | @stayonpoint


10 Thousand Foxes Tattoo

Photo: Sofia Pipolo

Longtime Astorian and newfound business owner, Tim O’Connor, opened 10 Thousand Foxes’ Astoria location with business partner, Manu Cruz, in 2020, and has quickly become an active member of the neighborhood.

“I love Astoria,” says Tim, while talking about the diverse and friendly population. “We take a lot of pride in our addition to the community.”
10 Thousand Foxes has curated a welcoming atmosphere for clients and is currently home to six rotating resident artists, plus international guests, leaving some availability for last-minute appointments.

Tim has tattooed all over the world for almost a decade and is thrilled to bring that well-rounded experience to Astoria. His time spent in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia is reflected in his unique, eccentric style.

Being a business owner has allowed Tim to bring other ideas of his to life, such as his #PayItForwardAstoria initiative, of which the store donates proceeds from their merchandise sales to local animal shelters. Tim shares, “Whether they are clients or just walking by, it feels good to see a positive response from people.”

32-02 34th Ave. | 347.808.0497 | @10thousandfoxesqueens